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Why is a raven like a writing-desk?

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter welcomes you and invites you to enter a world of sounds and visions, images and dreams. Here you will find everything about Mad Hatter Stompboxes - completely handcrafted, designed and assembled in Italy by Mad Hatter himself - take a look at the products, enjoy videos and photos, listen to the samples, browse among artists who have chosen Mad Hatter Stompboxes and if you are not satisfied, write an email, Mad Hatter will gladly answer.

  • mad_home1
    Mad Screamer

    The Tube Screamer TS808 is just the starting point. Mad Screamer lets you choose – thanks to the toggle switch – between symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping, leading to a now sharp now fat and round sound. Between the two modes there is, however, a multitude of nuances this overdrive can produce.

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  • rat_home1
    Rat and a Long Tale

    The Rat and a Long Tale is the stompbox that as at the end of a “long tale” summerizes all its predecessors. It changes from Standard to Dirty ending up with the Turbo. Rat and a Long Tale gives you a wide range of distortion, going from classic overdrive/crunch sounds to aggressive and compressed ones, ending to slightly fuzz sounds.

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  • twin_home1
    Twin Screamers

    The Twin Screamers is a Mad Screamer squared: two overdrives that can be used independently or in series thanks to the two footswitches. As twins that now exchange now sum doubling personality. Thus the Twin Screamers has the characteristics of the Mad to the nth degree, you can get two settings at the same time…Result? Unlimited versatility!

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